Status Responses

SUCCESSThe request has been completed successfully.
END_BANK_NON_00The transaction failed at the bank. Check the bank response.
PENDINGTransaction status pending
END_CLIENT_CANCELThe customer has cancelled the transaction while trying to pay - Network transaction only
END_CLIENT_TIMEOUTThe transaction has timed out and the customer is trying to pay - Network transaction only
END_SYSTEM_ERRORThe transaction could not be completed due to a Scan to Pay system error
END_BRE_REJECTEDThe transaction failed during the 3D-Secure process
OFF_TO_BANKThe transaction has been sent to the bank for authorisation
END_BANK_EXPIREDThe transaction expired after sending to the bank
END_SYSTEM_FAULTThere was a system exception
END_BANK_ERRORThere was an error on the bank node
END_BANK_OFFLINEThe transaction failed at the bank - Bank is offline or unavailable
BANK_REJECTEDThe transaction failed at the bank - Response sent back from the bank for the transaction
END_REVERSEDThe transaction has been reversed successfully
END_REVERSAL_FAILEDThe reversal failed
END_REFUNDEDThe transaction has been refunded successfully
END_REFUND_FAILEDThe refund failed
END_TIME_OUT_IN_QUEUEThe transaction timed out in the system queue
END_INVALID_AMOUNTAn invalid amount was used on the purchase
END_VALIDATION_FAILEDThere was a validation error while processing the transaction
OFF_TO_SCAN TO PAYThe transaction has been sent to Scan to Pay, awaiting a response
END_SCAN TO PAY_ERRORThere was an error returned from the Scan to Pay wallet
RECEIVED_SCAN TO PAY_WALLET_REPLYA Scan to Pay wallet reply has been received
END_SCAN TO PAY_COMPLETEThe transaction was processed successfully to the Scan to Pay wallet
END_LIMIT_FAILEDThe transaction has failed as the limit check did not pass