Flow Summary


Flow Summary

  1. The cardholder clicks on some sort of checkout or purchase within the merchant’s app.

  2. The merchants App will go online to the merchant’s backend requesting the purchase.

  3. The merchant will call the Create Code API and will get a code in return.

  4. This code is sent back to the merchant’s app. This code now represents the transaction.

  5. The merchant app will now make a platform specific API call to invoke the Scan to Pay app with the created code.

  6. The Scan to Pay app will allow the user to make the payment.

  7. A status will be returned to the merchant App as well as a transaction reference when the transaction is successful.

  8. The Scan to Pay backend will notify the merchant backend once the payment is complete.

*The merchant app must verify with his/her backend if the payment notification is successful! This is the last step in the process and the goods must not be released until this step is successful.