At the start of this phase, UKheshe will supply the integrator with documentation to be able to integrate to the Scan to Pay environment.

This documentation is as follows:

API Documentation

These documents detail how to interface into the Scan to Pay environment. The integrator will develop according to the specifications depending on which Use Case is appropriate for the Business. There are four types of APIs / SDKs which are Use Case specific.

  • Scan to Pay Merchant API
    This specification is for Ecommerce/Web integration into Scan to Pay.
  • Scan to Pay API for Secure MOTO and Face to Face channels
    This specification is for non-web integration into Scan to Pay (e.g. Create Dynamic or Static QR code, USSD/WIG, Face to Face, App to App etc.).
  • Scan to Pay Refunds and Reversals API
    The Integrator will have the ability to process Refunds and Reversals via an API call.
  • Scan to Pay In App/Library Lite SDKs
    This is specific for In-App Payments for both Android and IOS