Cobranded Scan to Pay Wallet App

  • The Scan to Pay Wallet App is hosted by uKheshe and is a stand-alone wallet which is co-branded with the Issuer. See [Scan to Pay-brand-requirements].
  • The App allows a customer to load their personal information including name, billing and delivery addresses.
  • The App supports credit, debit and cheque cards.
  • The App supports Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club and Amex cards.
  • The transaction types that are supported are PIN-based AMT transactions or 3D Secure transactions.
  • The App is available for download on Android (version 4.0.3 and above supported), and iOS (version 9 and above supported). A customer accepts the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Wallet.
  • See [Terms and Conditions](to be updated).
  • A secure API is provided to Issuers to load and manage their customer’s card information within the wallet directly from the Issuer’s internal systems.
    See: Scan to Pay_Provisioning _Rest.


Need to know

  1. A customer can load up to 6 bank cards in a wallet.

  2. A Phone Print is created for each wallet holder.

  3. Phone print info collected:

  • IP address of phone
  • IMEI of phone
  • IMSI of phone
  • MSISDN of phone
  • Serial number of phone
  • GPS or cell phone tower co-ordinates of the transaction