This phase is to complete the on boarding process, in preparation of go live for the PSP and or merchants. Some of the items in this phase can, and should, be started during previous phases.

The steps in this phase are:

Load Scan to Pay Merchant ID

The Scan to Pay merchant id will be loaded onto the Scan to Pay platform, which will enable the integrator to process transactions during UAT and go live.



This merchant id is supplied by the PSP’s / Merchants acquiring bank to Mastercard. Application for this merchant ID should be made as soon as possible as the absence of it will delay UAT and go-live dates.

Master Portal

  • The Scan to Pay Portal holds all merchant and customer data.
  • The PSP and or Merchant will have access into the Scan to Pay Portal.
  • The PSP and or Merchant will identify an administrator. The administrator will provide the sub users with access to the Scan to Pay Portal.
  • The administrator will add roles and responsibilities to the sub user’s profiles.

Integrator Training

Training will be supplied to the PSP and or merchant itself, if required.