Rules and Considerations

  1. The PSP credentials to be used on requests is a combination of the PSP ID and the API password. The API password is generated on the Scan to Pay Portal under the API tab. The PSP ID is shown on the Scan to Pay Portal home page at first log on.

  2. Acquirer-specific credentials will be provided by UKheshe (Oltio); these cannot be generated on the Scan to Pay Portal. The corresponding PSP ID will need to be provided when creating merchants as an acquirer.

  3. Once a notification URL is renewed the old one will no longer work.

  4. Once an API password is renewed/generated, any old API password for a merchant will no longer work and all API payment requests will fail.

  5. An email will be triggered to the admin email address being used when a merchant is created.

  6. An email will be sent to the Scan to Pay Operations when a merchant is created.

  7. All activity will be logged to an audit trail.

  8. Merchants will automatically be activated once created (no need to create and then activate as in the older version).

  9. UKheshe reserves the right to include additional parameters on any of the API requests and responses are shown in this document. These types of changes are considered backwards compatible and will be added without changing the API version. All applications consuming these resources must be written/developed in a manner that any new parameters will not cause errors.