Scan to Pay Portal

The Scan to Pay Portal is provided for Banks, PSPs and Merchants to manage the loading of Merchants, as well as view Scan to Pay transactions at a Bank, PSP or Merchant Level.

Roles are set up within the Portal depending on who is viewing the information.

  • Acquirers can load, manage, disable and view PSPs and/or merchant information and transactions belonging to the Acquirer.
  • Issuers can view transactions done on their Scan to Pay Wallets.
  • PSPs use the portal to manage their own Merchants.
  • Merchants can manage and set up QRs codes as well as view their own transactions.

For information on how to access and use the Scan to Pay Admin Portal: Scan to Pay Admin Portal

Acquirers and PSPs can use the following API to load Merchants and generate API keys instead of having to do it manually via the Portal one at a time

See Merchant Setup - Merchant Onboarding


Need to know

1 All transactions are authenticated using AMT or 3D Secure.

2 A transaction certificate is produced for each transaction which is system generated.

3 In specific Markets, liability shifts away from yourself to the Issuing Bank for AMT and 3D Secure transactions.

4 The coordinates of where a transaction occurs are mapped and can be used in fraud management.