Business Rules

General Rules

  1. On the Scan to Pay API a PSP or Merchant accessing the API must be able to process a Reversal, or a full or partial Refund. The PSP or Merchant accessing the API to process either a Reversal or Request must be authenticated using the API user name and password obtained from the Scan to Pay Portal.
  2. API Reversals and Refunds can be viewed as a transaction on the Portal.
  3. The timeframe for when a Refund or Reversal can be processed will be determined by the issuing bank. Scan to Pay will allow the transaction to be processed but it is up to the issuing bank to reject the transaction.
  4. A Reversal for an already refunded transaction, partial or full, is not allowed.
  5. A full or partial Refund for an already reversed transaction is not allowed.
  6. A Refund or Reversal can be processed regardless of the card from the original transaction being linked to the transacting MSISDN/mobile number at the time the Refund or Reversal is processed.
  7. If a Refund or a Reversal with incorrect API credentials is attempted this will result in a security violation.
  8. If a Refund is attempted against a debit card this will result in an invalid card error.

Reversal Specific Rules

  1. Reversals must only be processed on the full amount and no partial reversal must be allowed. No amount input field is required as the reversal amount cannot be changed and is as per the original purchase amount.
  2. Only one successful reversal per transaction Id must be allowed.
  3. Reversals can be done on all card types.
  4. If a reversal is processed outside of the permitted timeframe an ISO response is returned from the bank.

Refund Specific Rules

  1. Refunds can be processed on the full amount or partially.
  2. Refunds can only be processed on Credit and Cheque cards.
  3. A partial refund must be allowed on a transaction Id for a successful transaction.