1. In order for this to work optimally the merchant/PSP who has done the integration into the Secure MOTO/Face to Face API should ideally perform the following:
    a. Create a code for a payment
    b. Use the Update Code function to change the merchantReference and amount (if necessary)
    This will ensure that the queryRef function returns unique references for every transaction. Failure to do this will result in multiple payments having the same code and reference – if this occurs it as it the merchant/PSPs risk to manage the dispatching of goods/services to customers.
  2. It is recommended that the when using this function the appropriate checks are made on amount, transactionId, date/time and reference before releasing any goods to the customer.
  3. Please keep in mind that partial refunds are allowed on MRA so the amount and date/time must be checked properly as the reference from the original purchase is used when querying the transaction.