Implement Scan to Pay within a Merchant App


  1. Refer to the Scan to Pay API for Secure MOTO and Face to Face Channels v1.5 API document
  2. Embed the Scan to Pay SDK in the desired app.
  3. You will then use a server-to-server call to create a code using the Secure MOTO and Face-to-Face API document – this represents the amount to be paid when the user checks out on the app.
  4. The SDK is invoked using calls described in the In-App payment documentation to trigger a payment.
  5. The Scan to Pay SDK facilitates the payment and returns a status as well as a server-to-server payment notification to a URL that was stipulated (this process is described in the Notifications section of the Secure MOTO and Face to Face doc).
  6. You will then verify the payment notification and displays the end result to the user.