Query Types and Resolution

Herewith the types of issues that may arise:

No.ActorAction Description
1I am unable to locate my banksYour banks Scan to Pay App may be found in
2What handsets support Scan to Pay?Scan to Pay Supports:
Android handsets (Samsung, Sony, HTC)
iOS Apple handsets (iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6,
6s, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 , 8Plus and X)
3I am unable to download the Scan to Pay App, why?Please ensure that:
1. You have sufficient data coverage
2. You have sufficient airtime
3. The software on your mobile phone is
updated as follows:
a. iOS – iOS version 9 and above supported
b. Android –Android version 4.0.3
c. and above supported
4Can I not download the Scan to PayYes you can. When a customer downloads the App a once off SMS is sent to your phone with a One Time Password(OTP) which needs to be entered into you app in order to register to the Scan to Pay security server. This ensures your phone/tablet is securely encrypted for Scan to Pay payments.
5Why is there an SMS that is sent to my phone when I download the App or use the Scan to Pay In App Service for the first time? Who pays for this SMS?A once off SMS needs to be sent to your phone from the Scan to Pay security server. This ensures your phone is securely encrypted for Scan to Pay payments.

The cost of this is covered by Scan to Pay and not by the user.
6Where can I find more information about this product?Please visit: www.scantopay.io
7I did a payment but did not get a response?Query internal card backend system and if no record of transaction then advise customer to contact the merchant.

If record exists and the transaction has declined, notify the customer as to why the bank declined the payment.

If the payment was successful, notify the customer to contact the merchant where the payment took place.
8I am unable to access the Scan to Pay App on my phone?1. Please ask customer to confirm that sufficient airtime and data is on the phone.
2. Ask customer to reboot the handset and try again.
3. Escalate to UKheshe Support as there may be a system problem.
9What banks cards support Scan to Pay?All Banks Cards are supported for Scan to Pay payments.

The transaction will be authenticated either using the customers Bank ATM PIN or a OTP for 3D secure
10Is Scan to Pay safe?Yes, Scan to Pay is PCI DSS level 1 compliant.
11Can I load any bank card in my Scan to Pay App?Yes
12Can I load my Diners Club / American Express card in my Scan to Pay App?Yes, at this moment Scan to Pay does support these card types so long as the Merchant is signed up to accept these card types.
13What is the Scan to Pay Profile Password for the Issuer Scan to Pay wallet?

(NB This function is not in the In App wallet)
The Scan to Pay Profile Password must be created by you when download this App. This must be 6 alphanumeric characters. This password is not stored anywhere.
14What happens if I forgot my Scan to Pay Profile Password?On the top right hand corner of your app, please select “Change Password” and this will allow you to reset your password. However, all your information will reset and you will have to capture it again in your App.
15Is there a limit when using Scan to Pay?Your purchase limit is set on your card by your bank. Scan to Pay does not impose any limits on customers / cardholders. Look up the customers POS Purchase limit